SOG team based on the information arrested three accused for betting on ICC Champions trophy match between New Zealand and Bangladesh. They also recovered cash, mobiles and LED tv from the spot and caught the accused red handed for betting.

The SOG team received the information that one Kishor Sharma from Giriraj Dairywala situated in front of Narmada Primary school in the lane of Champaner Darwaza is betting on the ICC Champions trophy match between NZ and Bangladesh. He along with two others watching the match on the tv inside his dairy and betting on the match.

The SOG team then raid the spot and caught Kishor Sharma, Jitendra Kahar and Omprakash Kahar red handed from the spot for betting. The police team also recovered 32,640 cash, four mobiles and LED Tv with set top box from the spot.

Police found that all of them are watching the live telecast on the tv and is in contact with a bookie called Kamlesh Rana for betting on the match. The police booked the three and registered an offence for gambling against the trio and bookie and handover the accused to city police station for further investigation.


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