On 3rd January Saturday the SOG got the input about a bookie from Anand named Vimal Bhagwandas Bhatia runs betting in the name of Nano Bibi. He also hired people on salary and use to run the betting network with the help of electronic equipment’s like laptop and mobile phones.

Vimal Bhatia rented a flat near Diwalipura garden and comes to Vadodara whenever cricket matches were played. On the day betting was on T20 match between New Zealand and Australia when the SOG team raided the flat.

They found Vimal Bhatia and Amit Rawal resident of Ahmedabad involved in betting on live match between the two countries. They use play named software and post the betting on the match and session. The team recovered laptops, mobiles and cash from there and handover them to Gotri police for further investigation.



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