Vadodara SOG arrested a accused with local made Mouzer from Sayajigunj area of the city on Friday night. The accused was earlier arrested in Fatehgunj police station in theft case and this time arrested by the team with a mouzer.


In view of the upcoming festivals of Rathyatra and Eid the police become alert and as per police commissioner guidelines act on find out the cases related to arms act and other serious offences.

On 16th June 2017 the SOG team received the input about a person named Jamil Pathan is moving around with a Mouzer and soon be coming near Fatehgunj overbridge. The police also received the description about the accused wearing green T Shirt and brown pant and wearing a stylish beard. Based on the input the team kept a watch and caught Jamil Pathan originally from UP and now residing in Navayard Vadodara with the Mouzer.

“The accused was earlier arrested in Fatehgunj in theft case and now he is arrested with the local made Mouzer from Sayajigunj area. During primary interrogation he said to be purchase the Mouzer from a unknown truck driver eight months ago near Golden Chowkdi. He is not much educated and working as truck driver and loading bricks. As we don’t find any bullets from him but he might be kept the Mouzer with him for threatening others and for fun. However all will be clear during investigation as we ask for his remand from the court,” said H.M. Vyas Incharge PI SOG Vadodara.