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Social worker Nishita Rajput to pay 1 crore fees to support girls education in Vadodara

Social worker Nishita Rajput to pay 1 crore fees to support girls education in Vadodara

Received help from USA and religious leader Morari Bapu

A student Krutika Bhatiya is inching towards to fulfill her dream of becoming a IAS officer. Her father is suffering from cancer and she thanked social worker Nishita Rajput for supporting in her education and extend every help.

Many girls like Krutika are realising their dreams due to the help by Nishita Rajput who took the responsibility to educate girls and make them empower in their lives. This year she will deposit 1 crore as education fees for the economically weak students from Vadodara.

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Krutika is one such bright student scoring 80% in her exams and inching towards her dream to be a IAS officer. "I wants to become a IAS officer and fulfill my parents dream. My father is suffering from mouth cancer and is currently on bed rest at home. However the help from Nishita Didi gives me strength to realize my dreams and now I am confident to reach at the top very soon. I idolise Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad and wants to reach the place from where I can help my parents and gives them good life," said Bhatiya.

This year Happy Club of Surti Leuva Patidar Samaj Dallastx. USA extend their help and send 14 lakhs for the girls education. Religious leader Morari Bapu also extend help and send 25,000 for the noble cause.

"Starting from 2011 my only aim is to educate as much girls as possible to help them empowered through education. I pay fees for the girls and boys in schools through account payee cheques and maintain the transparency by sending all the details of the students to the donors. This year we received 14 lakhs cheque from Happy club (SLPS) USA, Six lakhs from V. Car Charitable foundation USA and 25,000 cash from Morari Bapu. The target is to reach every needy girl with the help to educate them," said Rajput.

This year Nishita Rajput also help 100 plus students studying in MSU by paying their fees. She said every year the donors increased the amount due to the transparency they maintained. She is now confident to open her own school to give free education to the girls.

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