Muslim girls put mehndi on the hands of fasting girls

It’s a perfect example of communal harmony where Muslim school girls in Vadodara applies Mehndi on the hands of little girls observing Gauri Vrat. The occasion was dryfruit distribution to the fasting girls by Social worker Nishita Rajput and on this occasion, muslim girls were found applying mehndi on the girls fasting for Gauri Vrat. It’s depicts a positive message to be spread in the society.

Nishita is known for helping needy girls in their education and also celebrate different festivals with them. In view of Gauri Vrat (Starting from Saturday) she distributed dryfruits to around 125 girls as they fasted for the whole day for five days. 51 Muslim girls from R & K Pandya high school puts Mehndi on hands of the fasting girls and spreads the message of communal harmony.

“Every year I distribute dryfruits to the fasting girls and celebrate the festival with them. Girls from Muslim community applying Mehndi on their hands is something that is considered to be auspicious and it also spreads the beautiful message of communal harmony,” said Nishita. She also gave gifts to all the Muslim girls for contributing and celebrating the occasion with great enthusiasm.



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