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Social Media Strategy Workshop in Surat, Conducted by Dr. Khushbu Pandya

Social Media Strategy Workshop in Surat, Conducted by Dr. Khushbu Pandya

India’s 1st Social Media Ph.D. holder Dr. Khushbu Pandya

It will be a social saturday in surat on 12th May as Konvophilia Communications Pvt. Ltd. will be hosting a three hour comprehensive social media workshop.

“Get Started with Social Media - from strategy to action” is a workshop intended for small business owners, startups, freshers in social media industry, mompreneurs and homepreneurs wanting to create effective social media presence through systematic planning and strategy that actually drives traffic to their ventures. Participants will learn crucial components of social media marketing to enhance social search ability of their business. This is a beginner level workshop and Konvophilia plans to conduct intermediate and advanced level workshops in coming months.

The founder of Konvophilia, Dr. Khushbu Pandya is going to conduct this workshop, who is India’s 1st social media Ph.D. holder, TEDx speaker, author, entrepreneur and educator. She has trained 10,000+ individuals in various aspects of social media field. “This workshop series by Konvophilia is one of its kind, designed to offer unique and customised experience to its attendees because it is aimed to solve social media marketing challenges of their own businesses. We are living in a shared economy era and hence this workshop is being hosted at a co-working space called ‘iKoVerk’ on saturday, 12 may at 6 pm.” One can register for it through whatsapp number +7016095005 by sending their name and email id.

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