Nowadays social media is such a strong platform that if one can use it effectively then it can be a boon. Such a similar incident came to light in Vadodara where with the help of social media money is collected to help a college student for her treatment after she met with a accident few days ago. The group of people came on the platform shared the news of the girl and the donations came pouring in and they managed to collect the amount needed for the treatment of the patient.

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Anjali Trivedi 18 a student of Architecture in Butler college Sama met with terrible accident on 29th May. A sand laden truck hit her from behind and she fell down from her Activa and her leg was badly damaged. The accident was horrific as the doctors said that she requires multiple plastic surgeries and treatment for at least three to four months. However due to the family’s financial condition the Our Vadodara group posted her case online and the help for the girl pouring in the form of donations.

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Our Vadodara and Aapdu Vadodara starts the drive to collect donations for the girl and people donate money ranged from 500 to 76,000 rupees. Vadodara MP Ranjan Bhatt also joined the drive and the CM’s special fund also guaranteed to help the girl. The group managed to collect the necessary amount for the treatment of the girl and spread a positive message in the society.

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“It was a challenging task for us after the case came to us. The girl needs surgery and for that she needs lots of money. Her father is in marketing and can’t afford the cost and the case came to us. Last year we run a online campaign to help the mother of a girl and collected 22 lakhs for her. We started the campaign on social media and create a payment gateway along with a webpage for the people who want to contribute small amounts for the cause. Based on our credibility we are able to collect the amount for the treatment of the girl as people came forward to help and also it gives an example about the positive use of social media,” said Saumil Joshi Director Our Vadodara.

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He also added that sometimes people don’t trust about such online things as they received lots of messages daily regarding such things. So they create Connect Foundation in their webpage and the people donate the money there. He also said that the credibility of the organisation is very important to gather people and make them believe.

The girl’s father is into marketing and not afford the cost of the treatment of her daughter. “The doctor told that the treatment is costly and a lengthy one and it will take months for my daughter to get perfectly alright. But now with the help of such people who runs a campaign for my daughter online I am able to collect the money for her treatment. I on behalf of my daughter really thanked the people and friends for helping in this hard times,” said Rajesh Trivedi.


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