Union Minister Smriti Irani has Attack on Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in his style. Rahul Gandhi had attacked the Modi government in the style of Shayari on slipping India’s rank in Global Hunger Index.

In response to this tweet, Union Minister Smriti Irani also tweeted a shayari saying that “Not suprising that in his keenness to run down Hon PM, Rahul Gandhi maligns the Nation.”

Smriti Irani made a tweet on Saturday and Said-

“ऐ सत्ता की भूख -सब्र कर, आँकड़े साथ नहीं तो क्या

खुदगर्जों को जमा कर, मुल्क की बदनामी का शोर तो मचा ही लेंगे”


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