A smart home solution is one of the attractions at the ongoing Switch Expo in Vadodara.

A private company ‘Vinay’ based at Malaad and having their manufacturing unit in Daman is coming up with a smart solution to control all the electrical equipment’s inside the house with the help of a smart phone.

The company put up a live demo at the Expo where they displayed the smart switches which is operated with a smart phone or a I Pad. The idea is to provide the one step solution to the people to control all the electrical equipment’s without touching them and from anywhere in the world.

The company designed a application ‘VIBE Home Automation’ available at Android and IOS platforms for the smart home operation with the help of smart phone.


“The wiring of the house is the same but we replace the traditional switches with our smart switches. To operate the switches we put a Radio Frequency Gateway with a Internet and connected with the switches as well as with the smart phone. Then with our application installed in the smart phone we sync the switches and control the electrical appliances with the help of a smart phone or I Pad,” said Jayesh Mokasna Asst. Area Sales Manager.

With the help of smart phone one can control Wifi, LED lights, AC, Fan, Switchs, Curtains, Video Door phone, Oven, Computer, TV, Vacuum Cleaner, Charger, Refrigerator and many others.

“After installation one can control all the electrical equipment’s with the help of a smart phone from anywhere in the world. We also give a sensor option to detect gas, water level, smoke, humidity, temperature inside our home. With extra feature we can sync and set the switches with morning and night mode to controlled them automatically and save electricity also. It can also used to watch and control the CCTV installed inside the house,” said Jatin Mistry Area Sales Manager.

In case there is no internet the company provide the option of a remote control to control the equipment’s with 100 mt distance. They also give the third option of touch screen in case everything fails.

The company is setting up galaxies in various cities all across the country to aware the people about the concept and they have already set 14 such galaxies in various cities of Gujarat. They already provide a demo solution at 4 to 5 homes in Mumbai and planning to start all across in the month of January next year. The cost starts from 60,000 to above as per the requirement.