Small and large units in Vadodara in dire condition after government decision to cut Oxygen supply


The government has cut the supply of oxygen to industries by 50 per cent to ensure that Corona patients get adequate oxygen. With this decision the condition has become dire for small and large industrial units using oxygen in Vadodara.

One of the director of acompany, which manufactures scientific goods, said, along with the oxygen cylinders to the patients suffering from corona the same can be given to them to revive the units. The number of patients suffering from corona is increasing day by day all over the world. Covid centers are also witnessing flow of patients and so as the need for oxygen has also increased.

As a result, the government has ordered Covid Hospital to provide adequate amount of oxygen to the corona patients to make up for the loss of oxygen. Adequate supply of oxygen first provide to the Covid hospitals and later to the Industries. Following the order, which has been in force for the last five days, the situation of small and large industrial unit operators using oxygen has become dire in the city. Unit operators are in trouble for not getting enough oxygen to keep the units running as per the requirement of small and big industries. The units will by eyeing shutdown if they do not get enough oxygen just like hospitals.

Rakeshbhai Vasava, owner of Tulsi Scientific Works at Sardar Estate in Vadodara said, the government has cut off the supply of oxygen to other units, including those producing scientific equipment to save corona patients. Units have been shut down due to cuts in oxygen supply. Their unit needs 15 oxygen cylinders a day to run, but for the last five days they dont even get a single one which will forced them to shut down. The closure of the unit has also made it difficult to pay the employees.

He further said that the company was closed for 4 months during the lockdown in Corona. As they also know, oxygen is a priority for patients suffering from corona, but even unit operators like them need oxygen to get back to track and for work. If they don’t get oxygen to run their units, it will be time for to shut down the units.

Sardar Estate has around 20 large and small units producing a variety of items, including scientific equipment using oxygen. Apart from this, industrial estates located in other areas of the city also have a large number of units. They also have the feeling and demand to get oxygen cylinders for their units to work.


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