School educational tour turned into tragedy after six students of a school got injured after the fun ride broke on which they were enjoying. The ride was inside Fun Arena Resort near Sevasi in Vadodara and all the injured students were taken to the private hospital for treatment.

As per the details the students of Mother’s schools in Padra went for an educational tour in the resort and some of them were enjoying the helicopter ride inside.

However due to some technical error the ride broke down and around six students got injured. As the ride crashed on the ground the students got frightened so as the school teachers and they rushed to help them along with other people.

The injured students were shifted to a private hospital in Vadodara and given primary treatment there. As a sigh of relief to the teachers all the students are doing well.

The parents and the police also reached the hospital after the incident. Parents had a sigh of relief after they saw their children doing well. The police also started investigating in the matter.


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