SahityaMitra Shreya Sanghvi Shah present the self authored story before women employees of Vadodara’s Mahila Police Station.

How the situation of one person’s life influences another one’s life is the centre of topic as SaMvitti share the story in its continuing endeavour to spread awareness. SahityaMitra Shreya Sanghvi Shah presented a self-authored story ‘Choras No Panchmo Khuno’ by acting-out a monologue for the women employees of Vadodara’s Mahila Police Station.

Shreya encouraging the self-discovery, posed a question, ‘Who am I? before all the participants. Choras No Panchmo Khuno’ is a modern story with four women’s vignettes. In each screen there happens an event from which the whole life of that woman can be pictured.

The first vignette is of Madhvi Pandya who in her life and around, is constantly searching for her individuality. She is not able to find her individuality even in her husband, mother-in-law or her own children. In the end she imagines, if cancer is detected in the lump found in her chest, then those cancer cells may be her own.

Another woman Phoolkunvar was wedded to Jaydev Sinh Thakor when she was of the age of playing with dolls. In his house spears, sword, guns were hung. Her husband Jaydev Sinh was very short-tempered. Phoolkunvar was very much afraid of all this. One day, on getting angry over a trivial issue Jaydev Sinh suffers an attack of paralysis. He falls down. Jaydev Sinh starts to squirm. Entreats with his eyes for help. Phoolkunvar, with dazed eyes or quietude, keeps looking-on. Jaydev Sinh dies. In a short time, Phoolkunvar gets to know that the sword, the spears, the gun have all rusted.

The third woman Shobha is Ramnikbhai’s third wife. Ramnikbhai is extremely selfish. Ramnikbhai has never heard her speak. But sometimes she is heard speaking to his 99 years-old mother living in another room. Ramnikbhai’s mother dies without completing 100 years. Shobha becomes speechless. She becomes silent and in the mother’s room, in the mother’s bed, in the mother’s old clothes, she dies.

The fourth woman Shirley, after love-marriage, tries to become an adored wife of her husband. Waking up one night she feels that a woman with a similar face plunged from the eighth floor of the house opposite to hers. Shirley could not do anything.

Then comes Shreya, the fifth woman. How does Shreya know about all these women? Why is she writing about them? Are all these her neighbours, or are these people an extension of her life? Why does Shreya feel an attachment with all these characters? Are all these women experiencing a void or is Shreya filling-up her void through all these women?

During the story-session it was discussed that at different stages of life we are all Madhvi, where, though having many people around us we constantly look for our individuality. We are also Phoolkunvar who is terrified by the circumstances of life. We also have Shirley within us who always lives in dreams.

Participants experienced a mysterious excitement during the session. They had a deep connection with the story. By the end of the session they reach to an understanding that we all have different roles and characteristics, but do we know who we really are? The session ended with the same question as “I”, who is that “I”? – Self-awareness was the achievement of this session.