Punjab’s Patiala Court has convicted Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi in the case of human trafficking. He have been found guilty of sending people abroad in an illegal manner. Mehandi has been sentenced to two years. He has been taken into custody after the pronouncement of the sentence. However, shortly after, he got Bell too.

FIR was registered against Shamsher Mehndi on September 19, 2003. Shamsher Mehndi is the elder brother of Daler Mehndi. In the inquiry, the name of Daler Mehndi also came in this matter. In 2003 only the case was registered against them. Now after 15 years the decision has been taken in this matter.

He were accused of illegally taking people abroad. More than 30 cases were found against them related to human trafficking. The first case was filed in the US in 2003. It was alleged that when Dallar Mehndi used to go abroad for his show, he would take many people abroad with him. The case against Daler Mehndi was registered by a person named Bakshish Singh.

It was alleged that Daler Mehndi had taken lots of money from the people. During 1998-99 with his brother 10 people were taken illegally abroad.