If you browse Social Media or even your near departmental store close to the third Sunday of June, you will be astonished to see the amount of Father’s Day cards. We often think them as commercial holidays but never think about the history. But it is definitely important to know the history behind such a celebration that commemorates Father’s and gives the child a time to show the just appreciation. So, here we present you the history of Celebration of Father’s day in some countries around the world.

Father’s Day around the Globe:

  • The earliest history of Celebration of Father’s Day will take us back to the middle Ages. It was celebrated on 19th March by the Catholic Church as St. Joseph’s Day. Mainly the Spanish and the Portuguese celebrated it and they brought it to Latin America. St. Joseph is regarded as ‘the nourisher of the lord’ which is an apt title of a Father. It is definitely a celebration of Fatherhood.
  • In the USA and also in the UK, Father’s Day gets celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. This is due to the law that was signed by Nixon in 1972. The holiday was first made popular by Sonora Smart Dodd who wanted to commemorate her father for being an amazing single parent. Margaret Chase Smith also has a hand in making it an official holiday.
  • In Australia they celebrate Father’s Day on first Sunday of September which also signifies the first Sunday of Spring. Children make handcrafted things and gift it to their Father’s.
  • In France the idea is very interesting as the holiday was promoted by a lighter company named Flaminaire. They chose the 3rd Sunday of June as the date for Father’s Day. The Government even gives gifts to Father’s who have excelled in some field to become a great father.
  • In Thailand they celebrate the birthday of the king as their Father’s Day. The current celebratory date is 5th December. Children give their father a Canna flower on this day. They wear yellow clothes and light candles remember the late King.

So, here are some traditions that are followed throughout the world as a part of celebrating Father’s Day. Each one of them is made to celebrate fatherhood and a father’s contribution to a family and their children. Whatever be the gift, children should always state their love for their own hero which is their Father.