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Signature campaign started by CM Vijay Rupani

Signature campaign started by CM Vijay Rupani

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani started a signature campaign at the VCCI Global Trade Show to support the demonetisation. He also put pressure for cashless transactions and welcome people to support it.


To make Gujarat a cashless city the VCCI has launched a signature campaign at their 10th Industrial exhibition at Navlakhi ground from Thursday. The CM started the campaign by writing a message and supporting the campaign started in support of demonetisation.

"To strengthen the economy PM Narendra Modi started this step and to support him we started a signature campaign from Vadodara to spread the message of cashless economy. With this campaign the people coming to the expo get awareness about the cashless transactions in future. I thanked the organisers for the campaign as with this Gujarat will show path to others," said Rupani.


The VCCI Global Trade Show will attract nearly 5 lakh people in five days and with this signature campaign the awareness of cashless economy will reach to them.

"The idea to start the signature campaign is to aware people about cashless society which our Prime Minister Narendra Modi try to do. Our Gujarat CM started the signature campaign and we hope people will support the decision and move towards a cashless society," said Himanshu Patel Secretary VCCI.

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