Participants showed safety measures visually through their creativity

Coronavirus taught us the very valuable lesson of self care and till date the only way to protect ourselves is wearing mask, sanitise hands and keep social distancing. However there are also more ways of safety which can be implemented by people to stay safe till the virus vanished.

With a similar aim a Covid 19 short film competition 2021 was held by clickwithcelebrities event and production house in association with Human Rights Education Association and permission of Vadodara Municipal Corporation. The participants were asked to made short films of one and five minutes duration showcasing different ways of safety measures to take during Covid 19.

The participants are from Baroda, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad and made the films using their creativity and show various ways to stay safe during the fight with Covid 19.

Mukesh Gupta from Human Rights Education Association said experience people also participated in the competition which shows the expertise and creativity in film making. This is the small effort to sensitise people to see different ways of staying safe and first it is a first of it’s kind effort by the makers who use their creativity to their fullest.

After the review of enteries the jury declared Akshit and Nikunj of YND studio as winners followed by Hemant Surve from Ink drop creation as first runner up, students from Sigma as second runner up, Shivani as fourth and Priyanshi Sharma of HSF as fifth winner in the competition. The jury members are Hirlal khatri Gujarati film Director, Makrand shukl, chief Devloment officer Sigma institute, Sanjay Laru Director of Skilled Development Department and film producer Rahul Joshi.


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