Shopkeepers and traders closed Vadodara’s Hathikhana after corporation imposed fine on them


Shopkeepers and traders of Vadodara’s Hathikhana market decided to down their shutters and chanted slogans against corporation for imposed fine on them. The VMC team swung into action after consumers including small and big traders flocked at the market this morning and there was a violation of government guidelines.

As per details, Consumers, including small and large traders, flocked to the Vadodara city’s largest Hathikhana market amid fears of curfew and lockdown by the government in the coming days. As a result there was a violation of social distancing and the VMC teams swung into action and fined the shopkeepers. The shopkeepers in protest decided to close the Hathikhana market and chanted slogans against the corporation.

There was a huge rush of customers filling up the monthly groceries inside the market and as a result there was violation of social distancing. The corporation collected fine of 2000 rupees from the traders and shopkeepers which irked them and they protest against the action.

The government has been forced to increase the curfew in the wake of the deadly corona across Gujarat, including the city of Vadodara. At the same time, it has been forced to issue guidelines for not holding public events till April 30. People flocked to the city’s shopping malls, grocery stores, vegetable markets and other markets late Tuesday evening amid fears that the government still take drastic measures, including lockdowns, to curb the corona transition.

Meanwhile, small and big traders from the city as well as the surrounding villages flocked to the Hathikhana market, the largest market for various items, from early this morning. Along with that there was also a huge crowd of customers paying monthly groceries.

However, the merchant association appealed by the leaders of the trade association that there is enough stock in the Hathikhana market. There will be no lockdown by the government, so small traders were appealed not to buy and stock up the items and create unnecessary rush in the market.

The parking system at Hathikhana was also disrupted as local and small traders from Vadodara as well as small and big traders from the surrounding villages rushed to the spot with various vehicles. At one point the police were forced to take steps to manage the traffic.


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