Shocking case of father raping daughter in Vadodara


A shocking case of father raping his daughter came to light on Tuesday where the accused make her pregnant. The accused father take the liberty of his wife health who is suffering from Thyroid and for the past five years assaulted his daughter. The daughter revealed the whole truth to her mother after the doctors of SSG hospital revealed her pregnancy.

As per the details Jaswantsinh Amarsinh Chauhan living near Makarpura Airforce station with his wife and two daughters and a son. He earns by driving and supports his family. In 2012 his wife was detected Thyroid and admitted there for five days. His younger daughter stayed with her mother in the hospital and son was away with his friends on the occasion of Dev Diwali. His elder daughter was at home and at that time was minor.

As Jaswantsinh’s wife and younger daughter was in the hospital the accused assaulted his elder daughter at home. He pretends to have stomach ache and told his daughter and then committed the crime. The series of assault continues then after many times and the accused threatened his daughter for dire consequences and assault her.

On 19th April 2017 Jaswantsinh’s wife went outside and during that time the accused forced his daughter. At that time the girl revealed to him about delay in her periods and the accused don’t turn his attention towards it and assault her.

Last night on Monday at around 7 pm the accused once again approached his daughter but she said that she had severe stomach ache and the father slapped her and went away. On Tuesday morning the girl complained of severe pain and her mother bring her to the SSG hospital and the doctors done Sonography to know the exact reason of the pain.

As per the details from the hospital the Sonography reveals that the girl is four months pregnant and told her mother about it. The mother and the girl’s younger sister shocked to hear the news. After get back to her senses the mother asked the daughter about it and she told her about the whole thing. She also said that her father threatened not to reveal anything to anyone and if she reveal even to her then she would not believe her.

After the revelation the mother took her daughter straight to Makapura Police Station and registered complaint against the accused. The police take action immediately and send the accused behind the bars.