Clears the first stage of India’s Got Talent gets ready for the second

We all have dreams in life but somehow we kill them to fulfill the desires of our families. But sometimes down towards life we find opportunities to be the child once again and chase the dreams.

This thought brings us to the journey of 17 dynamic ladies of Vadodara who not only fulfills their dreams but set an example for the others to follow. The women from Vadodara all between the age of 45 to 60 years prove themselves on national stage and break the shackles of being limited to be called just housewives. They now called themselves #Singing Divas after cleared the first round of reality show India’s Got Talent (IGT) and now make themselves ready to face the second round.

After all these years performing their family duties with determination they now set their foot forward to fulfill their dreams. The guiding force for them is Minakshi Manhas a well trained singer and founder of Swaranjali Music Academy. She became the reason and help these ladies to show their talent on the national stage.

“I am singing for the last 30 years and always wants to give back to the society. I started SMA in 2016 and enroll the ladies from the age of 45 to 60 years who wants to prove themselves and create their own identity. The effort gives us the platform of IGT and under the mentorship of Anand Sharma we the group of 17 ladies perform at the grand stage of all and left our mark,” said Manhas.

Its a herculeane task for Minakshi to bring the women on same stage and train them to perform before the industry stalwarts. From improving their singing and setting the tempo she came up with the brilliant idea to dress them up identical for the performance and get noticed by the judges.

“We are able to impress the three judges with our first onstage appearence and that gives us the much needed confidence to compete in the second round. The comments from Kirron Kher, Malaika Arora gives us the new identity and we also get our new name #Singing Divas from Malaika who also shared our pic on her instagram,” said Manhas.

The sucess at IGT gives the 16 women a new found identity and sky rocketed their confidence to new heights. “We are thankful to Minakshi Manhas for giving us the chance to chase our dreams at this age. We are happy to be the child again and desire to do the things which we left behind in those years of life,” said Vijaylaxmi Garg former principal and now member of SMA. Another member said the sucess gives them the identity and a new outlook to see the world. The support of their families is tremendous and their sucess gives them the double happiness.

After cleared the first round the #Singing Divas is now ready to perform in the second round and is confident enough to leave the mark once again. They said its a perfect diwali gift for them and a moment to cherish for lifetime.

All of them are in the age of 45 to 60years and only one from Gujarat to perform in IGT with great confidence and enthusiasm. They are the true inspiration for others and prove that nothing is impossible and one need to follow their heart and everything comes their way.



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