As CEO EW Links Beograd was in Vadodara DPS school to screen the students for skill based training at Serbia

“I want more girls to come in sports and compete at international level. The camp at Serbia is perfect platform for them to polish their sporting skills and go back to India to inspire other girls,” said Jelena Dutina CEO EW Links Beograd and Serbian National Squash champion for 7 years. She was in Vadodara DPS school to screen the students for skill based training at Serbia.

With an aim to identify the best sporting talents from the country the EW Links Beograd a renowned company based out at Belgrade Serbia started a skill based programme for the sports enthusiasts. The 12 day programme gives skill based training to the students in five different sports of Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, and Shooting.

“The kids visiting there can choose the sports of their choice. Secondly we also organise motivational speeches,  cultural programmes and others for their all round development. India is missing the skills and we provide the sportspersons the Serbian style of training which produce great sportspersons from this country,” said Jelena.

Further speaking about the camp she said right now they are calling students from India but in future they are focusing on students from China at the camp. She also has a plan to open a centre in India and need more girls participation in sports.

The founder Yash Prakash along with Jelena Dutina (CEO -EW Links Beograd and Serbian National Squash Champion for last 7 years) spoke on everything from sports to world-class sports infrastructure in Serbia while adressing the students in the school. Last year they took around 25 students from Gujarat and total of 65 students from the country.

This program is also strongly supported by Serbian Ministry of Sports and EW Links has been successfully organizing sports enhancement international camps in Serbia for students in the age group 12 to 18. The participants are given rigorous coaching in the five games (Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, and Shooting) during the camp.

Jelena Dutina further said good sporting facilities at Serbia and the enthusiasm of young children of India would together provide a very strong combination that would not only encourage interest in sports but also ensure the development of sporting spirit amongst youngsters.

EW Links proposes to take the program to all school and colleges so that all willing children may get an opportunity to experience world, class state of art infrastructure along with the scenic beauty of Europe while enjoying the best that a Sports Camp can offer.


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