Separate directives issued to follow at public, work and manufacturing units


Ministry of Home Affairs, government of India issued consolidated guidelines for containmnet of COVID 19 after the lockdown period remain in force upto 3rd May 2020. With some relaxations many of the operational works are allowed from 20th April. However the guidelines also direct the District Magistrate to enforce it through fines and penal action as prescribed in the Disaster Management Act 2005.

The directives are issued to follow strictly at public, work and manufacturing units and action will be taken against the violation. Talking about public spaces, wearing of face cover is compulsory in all public places, work places and the persons in charge of public places, work places and transport shall ensure social distancing as per the guidelines issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. No organization manager of public place shall allow gathering of 5 or more persons and in case of marriages and funerals shall remain regulated by the District Magistrate. Spitting in public spaces shall be punishable with fine and there is a strict ban on sale of liquor, gutka, tobacco and spitting should be strictly prohibited.

For the work spaces places shall have adequate arrangements for temperature screening and provide sanitizers at convenient places and shall have a gap of one hour between shifts. Social distancing must be following at lunch breaks of staff.
Persons above 65 years of age parents of children below the age of 5 may be encouraged to work from home. Use of Arogya setu will be encouraged for all employees both private and public. All organizations shall sanitize their work places between shifts and large meetings to be prohibited.

As far as manufacturing units are concerned, Frequent cleaning of common surfaces and mandatory hand washing will be maintained, No overlap of shifts and staggered lunch with social distancing in canteens shall be ensured and Intensive communication and training on good hygiene practices shall be taken up.


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