Senior manager in private company committed suicide in Vadodara


Posted picture just like Sushant Singh Rajput on his instagram before suicide

A senior manager in Collabera company in Vadodara committed suicide late last night at his home. He posted his picture just like Sushant Singh Rajput on his instagram account before took the extreme step. He is the only son of his parents and about to get marry in the month of December.

Meet Shashikant Patel 28, lives in B Tower Bhadralok apartment at Old Padra road with his parents. He worked as a senior manager in Collabera company in Gotri area of the city. Late last night he committed suicide by hanged himself from the fan inside his room. Before that he upload a emotional post along with picture of his parents and friends on his Instagram account, just like actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

His fiancee and friends shocked to see the post on his account and called on his mobile phone but it was unanswerable. They then called his mother and she informed that Meet was not opening the door of his room.

They immediately rushed to his house and knocked the door first but there was no reply from inside. They then broke open the door and shocked to find him hanged inside his room. Police rushed to the spot and began investigating in the matter.

As per details Meet Patel was in love with a colleague in his office and both are to get married in upcoming month of December.  However before that Meet committed suicide by posting a picture of himself on Instagram like film actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

The exact cause of suicide is unknown and police are investigating to find the exact reason for the extreme step taken by Meet Patel.


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