“Chotu Vasava the candidate of Bhartiya Tribal Party kidnapped our candidate with the same name and for the past 48 hours we don’t have any contact with him. We request the Bharuch police to take action against him and arrest him if they want free and fair polls in the area,” said K.C. Tyagi national General Secretary of Janta Dal United. However after his statement he received the news of their candidate coming back home on which he said they will meet him and get to know what happens to him.

Tyagi was in Vadodara specially to put allegations on their earlier ally the strong man Chotu Vasava who snip ties with the party and form a new one Bhartiya Tribal Party. He said no one can dare to stand in his area and when they stand their candidate he kidnapped him.

“Our candidate with the same name Chotu Vasava is missing for the last three days and we believe he was kidnapped by the senior Chotu Vasava. We are to register a FIR in the matter and request the police to arrest him. We also will approach the Chief Election Commissioner and Gujarat Election Commissioner to arrest Chotu Vasava if they want free and fair polls in the area,” said Tyagi.

However after his allegation the news came about their candidate is safe and at home. On the same he said they will meet him and will get to know what happens to him.

Secondly he raised the question of Patidar reservation and show support towards it. He said they are the only party which support the reservation and their leader Nitish Kumar was first to support the Patidar reservation. They also support the Jat and Maratha and asked Congress to clear stand and stop misleading the Patidar youths. He also said BJP fails to tackle the situation which leads to such a big thing. He said they are for Patidar not the Congress.

He said they are not so strong in Gujarat but came here to register. The only JD(U) is of Nitish Kumar party not the other.



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