Students take pledge for the cause

On ‘World Organ Day’, a seminar is organised at  Ramanbhai Patel College of Pharmacy Auditorium, CharusatUniversity, by Donate Life, Anand Chapter to raise awareness for the importance of organ donation.

Speaker at the event, founder of Donate Life, Nilesh Mandlewala explained the importance and requirement of organ donation at length. He said that,”donating the organs of brain dead people can give life the needy patients.  Organ donation is like donating a life to someone.  In India, every year about 5 Lacs patients die due to unavailability of replacement organ for the failed one.  The movement by Donate Life is an initiative to create awareness amongst people about the same as it can spread the hope of survival in the needy patients”.

Along with spreading awareness Nilesh Mandlewala, made the students of Charusat to take a pledge for the cause.  The president of Donate Life, Anand Chapter Prakash Patel stated that the seminar was one of the various programs organized by Donate Life with many administrative, educational and social bodies.

On the occasion, an e-book of Govind Maru from Navsari on the subject of ‘life is precious – Save life’ was also launched. In his Presidential address, Naginbhai Patel , explicated the students about the thin line between faith and superstition and explained them the importance of Science for progressive life.  The Principal of Ashok and Rita Patel Institute, Dr. Bala Ganapati also thanked everyone especially Kiran Patel, Vice President, Kelvani Mandal.




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