The second day at the Sayaji Start-up Summit see 20 participants for the day. The categories for the day were healthcare, biotech, pharma and chemical start-ups. All the participants gave their 100% to impress the jury in order to get short listed for the final pitching on 9th.

The workshops have also started from today from 6 8 p.m. at Iplex, above Spencer Mall, Genda Circle, and its “open for all”. These workshops would help the participants in various ways like improving their ideas on how to expand their business in the future, etc.

It is a great opportunity for those who want to know and also clear their doubts about how to start their business. Its not only a lecture, but also a discussion on various relevant CASE STUDIES followed by a question and answer session. SayajiSecond day’s speaker at the workshop was Maulik Mehta who is the director and the chief executive of Infinity Consultant Limited. He said some inspirational words to motivate all the audience present over there including the participants. The topic on which he spoke was “HOW TO IDEATE”.

He started by saying, “how to Ideate is a very cumbersome topic to speak upon. He gave an example of “Mozart” (symphony reference). He believes that focus should be on Value and not for Valuation. According to him IDEA is a thought or suggestion for possible course of action. What is a source of action? 1) situational awareness / intuition 2) environmental awareness 3) network externalities, etc.

His words explained a lot to the participants and were very helpful to them.”

The results for today’s pitching are:

▷ In financing: 1) startups: 1) Novel carrier system: for targeted drug delivery in treatment of arthritis by PRACHI PANDEY. 2) Algalio Biotech: product is named OCEAN MIST. Project by SANJIV MISHRA.

2) College Projects: 1) Design and fabrication of weed removing vehicle: participants are DEEP PATEL, JAY DESAI, YASH PRAJAPATI AND NAINESH PATEL who were guided by ASISTANT PROFESSOR SACHIN PATEL. 2) Virtual Reality Glove: the product will help people to feel things in 3D space even if that thing is not present physically. It is presented by AMAN CHAWDA, JUZER TARWALA, ANMOL KHARE, YASH SONI.

▷ And other participants were selected for accelerator project or mentoring and support.

The categories for third day’s pitching are FIN Tech, IT, AI, E-Commerce and IOT Startups. The workshop for the 3rd day of the summit will be addressed by Vikas Chawda at Institute Of Leadership and Governance. (ILG), on the topic “HOW TO INNOVATE”.



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