It’s a final attempt by state home for women in Vadodara to trace down the families of two deaf mute girls. The home now seek the help of media to trace down their families as all the earlier attempts proved to be futile.

The girls named Nisha (in green) and Kajal (in red) given by the state home arrived here about two years ago. Nisha arrived on 30th July 2016 and Kajal on 10th May 2015. As both are deaf and mute the home seek help of a interpretor to understand their language and tried to trace down their families. However all the previous attempts to trace down their families becomes futile and now they seek the help of media to find them.Nisha was found from Chhotaudepur and Kajal was found from Dumad chowkdi and both were brought to the home by 181 team. Since then they are searching for their families to go back to them.

With the help of drawings Nisha tried to show that she is Muslim as she draw Masjid, field, well, hand pump again and again. She also ask to eat mutton by draw the picture of goat and also shows to have husband and children. She loves to wear sarees and wants to go home in train.

The second one Kajal also shows to have home, field and children. The state home now wants to send them home and seek the help of media for a broad reach to trace down their families. Out of the seven deaf mute girls only these two remains staying here as they are unable to reveal any details about their home and families.


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