School students of Kalyankui in Padra risked their lives to reach school


Crossed the 2km damaged road daily

When we are talking about education to everyone here is a case of Padra where students put their life in danger to reach their school. The 2km road joining Kalyankui and Jalalpur is in such bad shape that 42 students from Kalyankui village find difficulty everyday to reach their school.

The students are studying in Swaraj vidyalaya seven kilometres away from their village. The villagers and students use the 2km temporary road to reach Jamalpur instead of the other road which increase the distance about 7 kms. Gemalsinh Gohil and other villagers approached the concerned department many times but the 2km road is still in the same situation for years.

They approached the former MLA Dinu Mama and now present Congress MLA Jaspalsinh Padhiyar but as per the villagers told those to use the road after place metal on it. If that is not all Swaraj Vidyalaya principal Raman Limbachiya also approached and write to the concerned department about the problems faced by the students on the particular 2km road but it is still not addressed.

During the ongoing monsoon season the students find it more difficult to reach school. Their school uniforms get dirty in mud and they hold electric poles to cross the drain in between putting their lives in danger. The 42 students holding each other hands cross the 2km road everyday to reach the school and back.

Viewing the situation the villagers raised their protest against the administration and threaten to protest aggressively in coming days if the matter is still not resolved.


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