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School insulted Indian National Flag

School insulted Indian National Flag

A public school in Vadodara published Indian Tricolor upside down in their annual magazine which create much furore in the city. The school published the Tricolor in their magazine Antarnaad and distributed it to the parents of the students.

Every year Delhi Public School published their annual magazine but this time they commit a blunder after publish the Indian Tricolor upside down. In their magazine Antarnaad they publish the Tricolor upside down and distributed to the students. The magazine gives the year long details about the activities and about the students getting laurels.

In the magazine there is a picture where students performed on stage in traditional dress on Independence Day and behind them the Tricolor was put upside down. One can see the blunder clearly as the Tricolor was there on the dress of students and exactly behind them the Indian Tricolor was put in upside down.

However after realizing their mistake the school administration called all the students and parents to deposit the magazines back in the school immediately.

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