Before pitching started on Friday the Sayaji start up Summit had a conference where Union Minister Mansukhbhai Mandaviya, Vice Chancellor- Parimal Vyas, Ex- FGI President- Amit Patel, Mayor- Bharat Dangar and MP- Ranjanben Bhatt were present as chief guests.

Mansukhbhai Mandaviya supported, encouraged and inspired the start-ups for their ideas. He addressed on aspiring entrepreneurs and the Start-up’s ecosystem of Gujarat.

After the conference, the startups who were selected in the initial round for funding during these 8 days presented their ideas before various investors, incubators and nodal agencies. The startups got an opportunity to present themselves in front of Angel investors, incubators and many more.

While the pitching was going on in another room, a panel discussion was conducted in front of the other participants on the topic of WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP. 5 women who has a lot of experience were invited for the discussion.

Tosha Shukla, Charmi Dave, Sushma Tanvar, Prachi Humad and Jessica Sharma shared a lot of information to the audience in support of Women Entrepreneurs. Moreover, 3 men Nishith Patel, Madan Humad and Ravi Nambiar were also invited to speak upon the topic: “future of startups”. They talked about the importance to have new startups in the upcoming future. The startups should be widespread.

The results for the day 9 were:

▷ Raj Dragon fruit – 64 lakhs by Pavan Kumar, (Vadodara)

▷ Tabwaala – 5 lakhs by Pragnesh Desai

▷ Kachrawala – 10 lakhs by Pragnesh Desai, (Vadodara)

▷ Process buy – by Taruna Suryavanshi, (Vadodara)

▷ Solcan Technologies – by Taruna Suryavanshi, (Vadodara)

▷ Algallio  biotech – by Taruna Suryavanshi, (Vadodara)

▷ Make my Trans – by Vijay Kaka

▷ Easy Cloud – by Vijay Kaka

▷ E. Laundry – by Vijay Kaka

▷ Punchit – by Vijay Kaka, (Vadodara)

▷ Raj Innovation – by Vijay Kaka, (Vadodara)

▷ Raj innovation – by Sigma Incubation

▷ Stonic – by Sigma Incubation, (Vadodara)

The guests for the last day of the world’s largest summit will be Dr. Apoorva Rawal, who is the registrar of Swarnim Startup and innovation university and Nitesh Tala, who is the founder of Smart Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Apoorva Rawal will speaking on the topic- Gujarat Startup eco-system. And Nitesh Tala will be speaking on why change is required in startup journey.



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