Nearly two weeks after drone and missile attacks on its main oil facilities, Saudi Arabia has said it is enhancing cooperation with India to fight against terrorism, including choking funds to terror networks and exchange of information and intelligence.

Saudi Ambassador Dr Saud bin Mohammed Al Sati said India and Saudi Arabia are closely cooperating with each other in fighting terrorism.

Saudi Arabia has been siding with India in its campaign to rid the region of terrorism and pledged to extend all cooperation to effectively deal with the challenge.

“Saudi Arabia and India have been closely cooperating with each other in fighting terrorism  through exchange of information and intelligence,” Al Sati told.

In the last couple of years, both countries signed several agreements in the field of security, including an extradition treaty.

He said Saudi Arabia valued India as a close friend and a “strategic partner” and will further enhance defence and security cooperation.

Yemen’s Houthi terror group has taken responsibility for the biggest-ever attacks on Saudi oil facilities, which majorly impacted global oil supply. Saudi Arabia and its ally.

The US, have blamed Iran for the attacks but Tehran has strongly denied the allegations.

“We recently became the first Arab country to gain membership of the elite Financial Action Task Force that works against terror financing.

He also recalled Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s historic visit to Saudi Arabia in 2016 when the two countries decided to further enhance cooperation in counter-terrorism operations, intelligence sharing and law enforcement.

“We look forward to India’s continued partnership. Saudi Arabia has valued India as a close friend and a strategic partner,” he said.

India’s relations with Saudi Arabia have been increasing over the last few years based on expanding energy ties besides cooperation in several other areas. Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Riyadh in 2016 put bilateral ties on a new trajectory.

There are over 2.96 million Indian nationals working in Saudi Arabia, the largest expatriate community in the country.


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