Feared the market will once again prove to be a super spreader in the days to come

Despite the fact that Corona is becoming more deadly day by day, the markets that are considered super spreaders for Corona transition are still not understanding the situation and crowded with people. The Sardar vegetable market, largest at Padra in Vadodara district, was buzzing with traders coming to sell and buy vegetables. It is feared that this vegetable market will once again prove to be a super spreader in the days to come.

The deadly corona is now heading towards the villages as cases are now frequently coming from there. But it is not surprising that in the coming days, it will reach the far away villages as the guidelines is not followed in the markets of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee at the taluka centers.

Sardar vegetable market, an agricultural produce market located at Padra in Vadodara district, is said to be the largest vegetable market in Vadodara district. Farmers of Vadodara district as well as of surrounding districts come to this vegetable market to buy and sell vegetables. On Saturday morning large number of traders came to the market and there were scenes of open violation of social distancing rules. Most of them arrived in the market without masks.

As per available details, the temperature gun and sanitizer stand placed near the market gate is proved to be like decorative items. People coming to buy and sell vegetables reached inside the market and began to make deals. Such a situation in Padra this morning might take the transition to the villages in coming days.

The market is booming with farmers and traders on a daily basis and the administration is yet to take any action regarding the huge crowd in the early morning. It may be mentioned that the cases of corona had increased in Savli Nagar of Vadodara district and the traders there have decided to close the markets at three o’clock on a voluntary basis with effect from today. Similarly, if such decisions will be taken in other talukas of Vadodara district then it can prevent the transmission of corona.


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