Sardar Sarovar Dam’s water level is now 118.86 meter on 10:00 am, 25th  July 2016.

The Narmada Dam is just 3.06 meter below to overflow. But the overflow situation is on possibility of rain in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The dams of Madhya Pradesh on Narmada river is almost full of water. So there is no possibility of water to be stored in MP’s dams.

If there will be no rain in Gujarat, Narmada Dam may overflow due to heavy rain in Madhya Pradesh. The water level in Madhya Pradesh’s dams are on the top level so the water will be discharged by them & Narmada Dam will overflow soon.

Madhya Pradesh’s Tawa Dam, Bargi Dam, Omkareshwar Dam, Indira Sagar dam are full of water. If there will be no rain on the parts of this dams situated in Madhya Pradesh, the visitors have to wait for more days to see beautiful moments of the water flow.

Many people around the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra are waited for the beutiful view of overflow of Narmada Dam. Water overflow from 121.92 meter amazing to watch the view of  Narmada Dam.