Sanjeevani team is constantly taking care of this covid patient undergone a heart surgery

Hina Shah, 68, of Bhayali village, seems to be low in confidence while talking to the visiting Sanjeevani team at her house. She was tested positive after checkup at Bhayali Primary Health Center and presently at home quarantine. She has also undergone heart surgery and with co-morbid conditions she caught the virus and it is natural to get low in confidence.

But Sanjeevani team’s multi-purpose health worker Bharat Parmar and RBS Dr. Paresh Prajapati visits her once a day and checks the body temperature, oxygen level, blood pressure regularly. The biggest thing is that the visit has greatly increased her mental strength and she is fighting this depressing disease with self-confidence.

Today when Additional Chief District Health Officer Dr. Uday Tilawat visited her while maintaining a safe distance, she praised Sanjeevani team members for their sincere care.

She said, these people have given their WhatsApp number and asked her to contact them immediately without any hesitation if there is any problem in the health throughout the day. Expressing the feeling that this is a very good service, she thanked the members of Sanjeevani team.

A Sanjeevani team has been deployed with a vehicle to strengthen home-based covid care in rural areas of Vadodara district, which is yielding very encouraging results. Chief District Health Officer Dr. Surendra Jain said that the patients under home isolation in the rural area were being taken care of by the concerned primary health center. Now they has got a new strength from Sanjeevani team visit.

The team coordinates with the patient’s scheduled examination to make any medications available if needed and to hospitalize if there is a major change in health.

Dr. Uday said that at present Sanjeevani teams have been deployed in Vadodara and Padra talukas under the guidance of Officer on Special Duty and Education Secretary Dr. Vinod Rao and under the direction of District Development Officer Kiran Zaveri. One team includes a multi-purpose health worker and an RBSK doctor who visit patients under allotted home treatment and also maintain telephonic contact. They have been given the necessary guidelines to protect themselves from infection and are performing their duties.

The services of these teams are becoming very useful in proper care of patients.


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