Sanitation worker suspicious death after vaccination in Vadodara


Family put allegations, panel postmortem will be done to know exact cause of death

While corona vaccination is being carried out across the state today, corona warriors are also being vaccinated at Sayaji Hospital in Vadodara. A sanitation worker in ward no-9 of the city died two hours after being vaccinated against corona. Shocked family members create ruckus at Sayaji Hospital and expressed their anger against the hospital system. Silence prevailed in the hospital as his wife cried near the body of the young Corona warrior.

The superintendent of Sayaji Hospital, Dr. Ranjan Aiyyar said the deaths were not primarily due to the corona vaccine but a panel postmortem is being done to know the exact reason. The exact cause of death will come out after the postmortem report. The deceased youth was treated at the Urban Heart Hospital for heart disease in 2016 and also underwent angioplasty, he did not take the medicines he was supposed to take, but, his family alleged, so a panel postmortem is being done. Everyone is vaccinated voluntarily, no one is forced.

Jignesh Pravinbhai Solanki, a resident of Om Residency at Vadsar in Vadodara city, was working as a cleaner in Ward No-9. He lived with his wife and two daughters. Family members were shocked to learn that he had died in a hospital bed after being vaccinated against corona today.

Divya, wife of the deceased Jigneshbhai informed that they are not in favour but still what is the reason for giving the vaccine? He was taken from the office of ward no-9 today to get the corona vaccine. After being vaccinated, he returned home and after taking a bath, suddenly had a seizure and stopped speaking. So he was immediately admitted to the hospital, where he died. She has two daughters, now who will take the responsibility. The family members protested at the hospital, alleging that he had died after being vaccinated against coronavirus.

Jyoti Solanki, sister-in-law of the deceased Jigneshbhai, said, Jigneshbhai was called to work from home and he died after being vaccinated.” He refused but still called for vaccination.


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