National Safety Day 2021

The Dabhoi incident is still fresh and haven’t been washed off from our minds yet, but the local municipalities seems like not be taking any lessons from it. A temporary sanitation worker under Padra Municipality inhaled poisonous gas and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. He was cleaning the manhole without wearing any safety masks. The union leader put allegations on the officials for not providing any safety equipments to the sanitation workers.

As per details, Ashokbhai Babubhai and three other sanitation workers went to clean the manhole near Gate no. 3 of Padra Sardar Patel vegetable market. They all went there on the instructions of drainage department officer Mukesh Patel. As he went inside he suddenly complained of uneasiness and was unconscious at the spot. The other workers immediately taken him first to Padra government hospital than later to the private hospital for treatment. He was admitted to ICU as per the details given by the other workers.


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