Vadodara division of Western Railway started women oriented services on International Women’s Day for the benefit of passengers. The division put two Sanitary vending machines and starts a breast feeding room at the station for the ladies.

8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day and on this day Vadodara division gifted two important services for them. First of the service is two Sanitary vending machines and the second one is a separate breast feeding room all at the station.

One can avail the facility of Sanitary napkin by insert a 5rs coin inside the vending machine. The railway department also put a Incinator for the disposal of the used napkins.

The Sanitary vending machine will be helpful to ladies travelling in trains and the on duty staff at the station. The second service breast feeding room will help the mothers to feed their babies without any hesitation.

The ladies present during the function welcome the services and wish it can spread to all railway station across India.


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