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Sanitary napkin vending machines inside Vadodara schools

Sanitary napkin vending machines inside Vadodara schools

VMSS initiative under Clean India Mission

In view of personal hygiene of school students Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan (VMSS) is going to install sanitary napkin vending machines at various schools of the city. 10 such machines will be installed in the first phase followed by 100 such machines in future.

On Thursday the city Mayor inagurated the first such sanitary vending machine at Buniyadi Stree Adhyan Mandir School for the students. Inserting a five rupee coin the girls can get the napkins for their use.

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10 schools of the city get the machines in the first phase which will be increased to 100 schools in future. Later every schools of the city will be covered under the project having the vending machine installed inside the building.

The aim is to aware the students about personal hygiene during periods and dispose the napkins scientifically. Incinerator is also put there along with the vending machines.

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