One of its kind initiatives to bridge between main stream education and children with special needs.

Samaj Suraksha Sankul concludes a state level event, “Teaching and Learning Material (TLM) competition cum exhibition”- one of its kind initiative aimed at encouraging teachers to come up with innovative and creative methods of teaching all students- with or without disabilties.

Consortium for Inclusive Education (CIE) is a Deepak Foundation initiative supported by Gujarat CSR Authority. “We are dedicated towards building an inclusive society and that begins with equitable education rights for children with disabilities (CwD).  We’re supporting schools to create an inclusive environment where CwDs can be educated and nurtured along with their peers. This sort of an arrangement fosters a culture of respect, empathy and belonging. It benefits not only CwDs but also children with regular development.” said Dr Ruchi Mehta, the founder of this initiative and Strategy lead at Deepak Foundation.

She added, “Since the inception of the Consortium, we have 23 active members and our achievements include, multiple teacher trainings in leading schools of Vadodara, Anand and Surat, an awareness drive with more than 450 participants including CwD, parents and teachers, two school accessibility audits and a Focus Group Discussion with government officials, disability experts, mainstream school teachers, special educators, parents and individuals with disabilities”.

Teaching Learning Material competition cum exhibition saw participation of leading mainstream school teachers (Riverside, Ahmedabad, Navrachna school, Baroda High school, etc.), Samagrah Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) schools and their special educators, NGOs, and teachers of Nagar Prathamik Shikshan Samiti (NPSS) schools to develop accessible TLM for children with disabilities.

The objective is to highlight the fact that all children learn differently and innovative methods of teaching regular curriculum can benefit both children with or without disabilities.

The medium of making and demonstrating the TLMs was both English and Gujarati. The demonstration of the TLM created is interactive with a lot of use of technology such as smart classes, assistive technology, etc.). The TLM is made for educating children with regular development and CwDs with Visual impairment, Hearing and Speech impairment, Learning difficulties, Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), etc.

Participants of the ‘The TLM competition cum exhibition’, will be awarded a participation/motivation prize. A total footfall of more than 300 people is expected on the day.


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