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Salman Khan's OTT Blockbuster Radhe hybrid release format worked well

Salman Khans OTT Blockbuster Radhe hybrid release format worked well

Fairs better than a theatre release on opening day, is digital the way to go even on the other side of pandemic?

It's a good news for Salman Khan and all his fans who were eagerly waiting for Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai to hit the screens. Since last year, the world has changed upside down, films that were envisioned to release in theatres were made to release digitally because of the pandemic and lockdown.

The superstar's film too would have been a testimony of the same, but what they did differently was to give it a hybrid release. The road not taken by any filmmaker or platform yet has proven to be a viable option. The response on this massy family entertainer film highlights Salman Khan's stardom is beyond rationale. Disha Patani too have shined through and this film she states that she is gunning to be 'The' glam girl of India.

The Pay Per View format will have ZEE5 and ZEEPlex making a handsome profit. Nothing but, a plethora of options will open up for viewers that have their eyes out searching for some entertainment in the difficult times. The film came as a small token of happiness on EID and gives audiences a sense of continuity.

It is nothing but the actor's generous work of giving back to the society and people in need circling back to him in huge numbers as a response to Radhe. In a strange way that helps him to make blockbusters out of films like Radhe. The bottom line is, Salman delivered what he committed on Eid, despite the Covid scenario changing.

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