Inspired the listeners to take-up any profession they liked and get skilled accordingly

SahityaMitra Promila Zalpuri shared the life-story of Sarojini Naidu with the young SahrudayMitras of Lions Blind Girls School in Vadodara. She inspired and encouraged the girls to take-up any profession they liked and get skilled accordingly.

Promila began the narration by introducing revolutionary Sarojini Naidu as the ‘Nightingale of India’ and gave 6 cards made in braille stating 6 different information about her to the girls and asked each to read and speak-up. The first card gave an introduction of Sarojini Naidu and Promila explained about Sarojini Naidu had a very melodious voice and she was called the ‘Nightingale of India’.

The second card read the birth date and place of Sarojini Naidu, which was on 13th February 1879 at Hyderabad. Explaining to the girls SahityaMitra said before independence, Sarojini Naidu used to see big dreams. The third card read that Sarojini Naidu was proficient in 5 languages: Hindi, English, Persian, Urdu, Telugu and Bengali. SahityaMitra then explained that Sarojini Naidu used to give political speeches in the language where she would visit.

The fourth card read that Sarojini was very good with English and Maths. The fifth card read that Sarojini Naidu, at the age of 12, passed her matric exam. The sixth card read that the father of Sarojini Naidu always insisted her to study Maths and Science.

SahityaMitra then stated that Sarojini Naidu had different dreams. She wanted to become a poet and her early poems were written in English. Once when she showed her poems to a well-known English poet, he asked her to throw all her poems in the dustbin as the poems didn’t reflect reality. On listening to this, Sarojini Naidu didn’t lose heart, but decided to improve her writing. She returned to India and travelled to different places and wrote realistic poems. She then met Gandhiji and decided to join him in the freedom struggle. She was the first woman Governor of the Republic of India.

SahityaMitra then concluded the session by asking the Sahrudays what they wanted to become when they grew-up. She inspired and encouraged the Sahrudays to take-up any profession they liked and get skilled accordingly. In the end, SahityaMitra called-up a few Sahrudays to recite a poem written by Sarojini Naidu.



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