We always hear about the phrase ‘Work is Worship’ and no matter what the situation is, we must complete the task we started. This is the lesson Sahitya Mitra Anjali Chhaya shared in SaMvitti story sharing initiative.

Anjali Chhaya shared the story of ‘The Carpenter’ with SahrudayMitras of Kasturba Kanya Chhatralaya, Vadodara which started with an ‘omkar’ and a prayer. Anjali asked the Sahrudays what profession would they choose? Some wanted to be doctors, some to take-up fashion designing and some to join the police or the armed forces. Their responses reflected the impact of last year’s ‘Sharing Story’ initiative where stories related to social-service, determination and valour were narrated.

Listening to today’s story about the ‘retiring carpenter’, the Sahrudays realised that no matter what kind of work one is assigned and no matter if doing that work would have little or no rewards, one must always do the work with enthusiasm and finish it with grace.

The session concluded with the belief that any work, big or small, when done with passion & whole-heartedness, shall be valued. Later they involved in a activity where they were made to write their name and decorate it with colours. They were then called-up one-by-one to display their artwork and state the meaning of their respective name.


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