Sahaj the organisation working with tribal women artisans gets the aid of 9.7 lakhs from Australia which will help them further to promote their art. The aid will help in their training, coaching, product development and further make blue prints for their business development.

This is the first time the Australian Aid extend their help to support Sahaj and their activities to promote tribal arts in the region.

On Thursday Maharani of Vadodara Radhika Raje Gaikwad inaugurated Sahaj Deepotsav on in the city attended by Tony Huber, Consul General and Timothy Hall Vice Consul of Mumbai, Government of Australia. They visit the exhibition and appreciate the traditional work by the local tribal artists which they maintained for years.

Tony Huber was happy to see the products made by tribal women artisans of Sahaj under DAP programme of Government of Australia. “We annually give aid to the projects which comes out from stringent ways. Sahaj is one such project which works for gender equality, tribal development, raise a income source by exhibiting traditional handicrafts of the women artists. We look the range of their handicrafts and maintained their identity. The story behind them is encouraging and that leads us to support them with aid of 9.7lakhs,” said Huber.

This year they provide aid to three projects in Gujarat out of the 11 they done annually in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa. “We support Sahaj, Seva and another project in Gujarat this year providing them the financial aid and other development works. For Sahaj we provide them training, coaching, product development and help those making plans to spread their business,” said Vice Consul Timothy Hall.

Radhika Raje appreciated Sahaj products for its high quality and a fan of Sahaj from many years. She said such aid will help the art to explore more and help the tribal artists. “The art is slowly vanishing and need to be promoting in the right way. The hand works of the artists are beyond imagination but they have to make a product trendy which goes along with today’s lifestyle. I appreciate the Sahaj’s contribution in Craft sector and Women Empowerment of Gujarat and the aid will help them explore more,” said Radhika Raje Gaikwad.

The exhibition “Deepotsav” presents new vibrant range of Sahaj products in Apparel, Life Style Accessories, Stationer & Utilities and Home Furnishing and will continue at Splatter studio, Near Haveli at Productivity Road from 25th to 27 th October.


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