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Russian girl married to Indian boy with both Indian and Russian traditions

Russian girl married to Indian boy with both Indian and Russian traditions

Settled down in Vadodara wants to start her family.

A date with Indian culture turns into marriage for a Russian girl as she decides to start her life away from her country. Katrina married to Marathi boy with both Indian and Russian traditions in Bordi village in Maharashtra. She wants to live in a family and take the responsibility like a Indian wife.

All this started during a visit to Vadodara when Katrina along with her friend Julia attended the marriage here. Both the girls enjoy the Indian hospitality and were so impressed that Katrina decided to settle down here.

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“I went to Russia on a study tour in 2012 and met the girls in one of the interactions there. Since then we are in contact and last year I invited them to the marriage of my brother here and they are impressed to see the traditions here. I need a trustworthy person to care about them during the ceremonies and chose my friend Vikas Patil and later I came to know about their love and wish to get married,” said Vishalsinh Lalsinh Thakor friend and like a brother to Katrina.

Vikas proposed Katrina during a visit to Goa and she readily accepted as needs a family. “It was love at first sight as within a second she accepted my marriage proposal. She needs a family here and before the marriage she already accepted my family and took charge of my house. The gesture even impressed my parents and finally we get married as per Russian as well as Indian traditions in my paternal Bordi village,” said Vikas looking in the eyes of her wife.

It is all about adjusting in the Indian family and Katrina don’t find it difficult to adopt the culture and greet everyone with a ‘Namaste’ visit to meet the newlyweds. “Both the culture are different but the work is almost same and it’s just a matter of accepting it. I need a husband to take my responsibility, care for me and give me the support. Vikas is perfect and now as his wife I want to make our marriage an example for others. Marriage is not a joke and we have to live in the present without thinking of what will be happening in the future,” said Katrina.

Katrina accepts the culture instantly and decides her plans for the future. “I am going to finish my Phd in Chemistry from Russia and will move between both the countries in next three years time. However being a wife I understand my responsibilities and want to start my own family. My feelings are same for my husband and it is our life which we both can manage together,” said a responsible Indian wife Katrina.

Her parents visited her for the first time here in Vadodara and good to see their daughter settled in India. However initially they don’t accept the proposal at once after Katrina told them. “My parents were shocked after I told them about marrying an Indian boy specially my grandparents. It took me about four months to convince them and finally they are satisfied to see me happily married in India,” said Katrina holding the hands of their parents.

The story is a perfect example for the girls running away from the traditions and moving towards western culture. We must move forward with time but always carries our traditions alongside.

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