Trained Russian Ballet dancers learned the moves of our Bharatanatyam and Odissi from a classical dance Exponent from India.

scan10218_2_4Seems interesting right, but it’s true as Manasi Pandya Raghunandan a Exponent of classical dance recently on her visit to Russia taught the moves of classical dance to the trained Ballet dancers and now planning to organise a cultural dance festival to Invite them to India.
img-20161003-wa0030Mansi was invited to Russia and Serbia for a cultural International festival and was the only one from India to take part in the festival.

The festival was organised for the last 23 years and for the first time they invite India.
fb_img_1475478948947“From University of Serbia in Subotica, I was invited to open the 23rd International festival with my Bharatanatyam recital on 25th Sept and made a paper presentation at the international conference at the Open University on 26th and 27th September. I spoke on the topic of “Myth and mythology in Theatre (performing arts) for the psychological development of children (In which she will be focusing on Indian mythology). I also presented the Odissi dance recital at the central square at Belgrade on 29th Sept which was a great moment for me,” said Mansi.

fb_img_1475478846132After all the presentation and dance Mansi was really ga ga about teaching the trained Ballet dancers of Russia. “It was a great moment for me when a leading ballet company near Palic ‘Creative studios of Ballet’ invited me to conduct master class and workshop of Indian classical dance especially for the ballet dancers. Although they are trained dancers but they want to learn the Bharatanatyam and Odissi and they learned it. I taught the 16 Ballet dancers and they show the interest to tie up with us,” said a jubilant Mansi.
scan10218_2_2Now Mansi is planning to give it a go and invite the Ballet dancers to India. “I was overwhelmed after the dancers learned the steps of our classical dances. Not only that they also learned the steps of Navratri. As they want to know more about Indian culture and dances I am planning for a cultural fest in near future for the Ballet dancers to come here in India and learned the art,” said Mansi.
scan10218_2_3She was the only artist from India and spoke about Gujarat and Karnataka in detail in her workshops and lecture demonstrations and also about the Indian festival, Navratri and the significance of Garba. “The people came in the festival
respect Indian people and culture and countries like Ukraine, Nigeria, Canada, Bosnia and others want to Included Indian dance in their theatre,” said Mansi.