Vadodara rural SOG and Varnama police in a joint operation caught a rickshaw driver with duplicate currency worth around 10lakhs on Monday evening. During the search at his home the police found printing machine and other equipments used for duplication.

As per the prior information the police teams kept a watch at Kelanpur about the CNG autorickshaw no. GJ 06 UU 3608 use to ferry duplicate currency. During checking on the highway the police intercepted the rickshaw and found one Abid Pathan from Kishannagar involved in business of duplicate currency.

Police searched him and found 44 pieces of 500 currency notes kept inside the pocket. The team after investigation reached the home of the accused and recovered printer, scissor, cutter, gum, fevistick, Radium cello tap used to print the duplicate currency. The team found 77 pieces of 2000 notes, 1652 pieces of 500, 238 pieces of 100, cash and other items all tune upto 10,89,540 from there.

Police booked the accused and further investigating about his associates and the duration he involves in the crime.



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