The central government has held 8 rounds of discussions with the farmer leaders but at present the movement is caught in a political trap. Not only that, it has become a area for separatist elements and is trying to discredit the farmers. This was stated by Indresh Kumar, a leader of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh on his visit to Vadodara.

Speaking to reporters after felicitating the Corona Warriors organized by the National Muslim Panch at Vadodara, Indresh Kumar further said that the National Muslim Punch was formed 18 years ago. And in it the Muslim community has also made representations in favor of the Ram temple. 800000 Muslims signed and handed over the application form to the President.

He lashed out at separatist leaders in Kashmir, saying they should stay there if they favored China and Pakistan. Muslim leader Owaisi is a threat to Muslim society.

If the Congress says that Owaisi’s team is the BJP’s B-team, then God bless the Congress. Owaisi’s team is misleading the Muslim community just like the Congress policy. Which is a threat to Muslim society.

Indrish Kumar was welcomed at the beginning of today’s program by UNESCO member Pranab Amin and Gujarat President of the National Muslim Commission Jakirbhai Qureshi.


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