Demand tax waiver from VMC commissioner

RSP supporters gives an application with the Municipal Commissioner alleging that taxes were collected without government notification in some areas within the limits of Vadodara Municipality.

The application, filed by villagers led by Rashtriya Suraksha Party activist Swejal Vyas states the corporation had levied a two year tax in the societies between Gorwa Panchvati and Karodiya. However no facilities like road, water, sewerage, street light, cleaning are provided.

Without the notification of the state government, the corporation has not provided any facility and the tax has been collected. They demand investigation in that direction and immediately return the money collected from thousands of homes. Or the new two year bill will be waived if the property tax bill will be issued after the notification of the state government.

Apart from this Karodiya is also included in 7 new villages included within the corporation limits and no facilities like roads, water, sewerage, street lights, sanitation have been provided in this area. People on their own expense are getting the facilities so how can the tax was collected from them.

They threaten not to pay tax unless all the facilities are provided by the corporation. They demand all the facilities pertaining to the corporation as soon as possible in the new area.


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