The royal group staged their protest against the managing committee meeting of the Baroda Cricket Association (BCA) scheduled to be held on 28th February. The members said that the agenda of the meeting is also not circulated to them and also the association failed to meet the deadline of Lodha Committee to send the details of the members and association.

On Monday the royal group members accused the present committee of revival group and not eligible to call any meeting. “The present committee is not eligible to conduct or call any meeting as per the court order. They also not make clear or circulate any agenda of the meeting to the members which is also unconstitutional. We will raise our protest in the meeting and will boycott and walk out of the managing committee meeting if they will not listen to us,” said Jatin Vakil member of Royal group.

The royal group also alleged that the present managing committee is also not sending the details of the association to Vinod Rai before the deadline ends on 1st March. “The BCA administration is till date not updated the details and status report of members, governing, managing, working committee details before the deadline ends on 5pm 1st March. Now we are sending the details to them and aware them about exact things as we are thinking about the association,” said Vakil.

He also said that as per the Lodha Committee guidelines they are also sending the list of members who are qualified and disqualified according to the 9 years and 70years criteria.