Royal group protest at BCA office


The royal group members of the Baroda Cricket Association went to the BCA office with placards to protest the managing committee meeting. They allege that the meeting is unconstitutional according to the BCA guidelines and they protest against the illegal way of conducting it.

The group consists of former cricketers and members went to the BCA office and shouted slogans against the present administration. They termed the managing committee meeting as unconstitutional and tried to go to attend but stopped at the entrance by the bouncers.

The royal group members had an heated argument with the bouncers at the entrance as they want to raise their voice against the managing committee meeting. Mehndi Sheikh coach of Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan was also stopped by the bouncers at the entrance. Sheikh alleged that the behaviour of the security was not good as they pushed a aged person like him.

The group members also stuck placards at the entrance of the BCA office and stopped every member of the opposite group to attend the meeting. Later someone called the police and the police also trying to control the cricketers.


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