Now the budget has only been left for some hour. In the meantime, people have many expectations from the budget. How many of these expectations are true, it will be known on February 1. Now know about these expectations.


1. Increase the exemption limit on income tax from existing 2.5 lakh to 3 lakh rupees.
2. Changes in current tax slabs of income tax should be increased. For this, where 10 percent of the tax currently takes place, it should be 5 to 7 percent.

3. To increase the tax exemption on home loan so that the cost of buying the house can be reduced.
4. Stamp duty relief too.
5. Real estate comes under GST This can be cheaper to buy a home.

6. There will be more employment opportunities in the country. Employment Policy for this should be brought .
7. Encouragement to start new business so that new jobs can be created

8. Decrease excise duty on petrol and diesel so that relief from rising prices.
9. Adequate arrangements for bringing Petrol and diesel under GST are in the budget.

10. Exemptions on investment under section 80C can be increased to more than 2 lakh.
11. In this scheme, low-risk bond schemes should be included in addition to the existing scheme.

12. Reduced GST rate on cars. So that they are cheap to buy.
13. With the promotion of electric cars, keep these GST rates at 5%.

14. Arrangements are made in addition to promoting the use of modern technology to safeguard the journey from railways.
15. Booking train tickets to be cheap. There are some incentives available when booking online.

16. Tax exemptions on the medical allowance offered by the companies have increased. So that companies give more benefits to the employees.
17. Make private hospitals accountable and take steps to control wildly health expenditure.

18. The first step to double the income of the farmers is to raise the minimum support price.
19. In order to handle the deteriorating situation of agriculture, other things including pesticides are cheaper.

20. Electricity to be cheap. So that the cost on electricity can be reduced.

21. The GST tax slab should be reduced and it shoul be easier for small businessmen to get it done.

22. In the past, there have been many issues related to the security of money in banks. In such a situation, the government should make some important announcement regarding the security of the money kept in the banks so that the common man is rest assured.

23. Term, health and home insurance can be made compulsory, but there is a tax rebate on its premium.
24. In order to encourage the common people to buy insurance, some incentives are announced in the budget.

Senior Citizen:
25. Make pension plan tax friendly and increase the tax exemption on NPS. Increase the income tax limit for senior citizens.


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